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Hey, I’m Jonas.

I have been playing chess for 13 years.

The “royal game” has brought me joy in dark times. It changed the way I think about strategy and patterns.

I want to share my chess experiences with you on this website.

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Chess Facts

20+ Amazing Chess Facts You Must Know as a Chess Player

Are you writing a chess post or are you interested in impressing friends with chess facts? You’ve found the right spot! I’ve compiled the most interesting chess facts below: Chess Facts When was the first recorded game played?The first recorded game between Francesc de Castellví and Narcís Vinyoles, featuring the Scandinavian Defense, was played in […]

kings indian defense theory chesstier

Kings Indian Defense Theory: An Iconic Opening

The best chess games in history have been played with the Kings Indian Defense as the opening of choice. If you’re looking to learn about this opening yourself and get an introduction to the Kings Indian Defense theory, you’ve come to the right place. What’s the Kings Indian Defense? The Kings Indian Defense is an […]

Successful Event Tracking 1

Nakhmanson Gambit: Refutation and Traps | 5 Minute Guide

Ok, so this is a fun one. If you’re reading this article, you here because: You want to trap your opponents with the Nakhmanson Gambit. You are a victim of the Nakhmanson and want to know how to refute it. I’ll cover both cases in the following! – I promise that you’ll enjoy reading about […]

“No one will regret the time dedicated to chess, as it will help in any profession.”

Tigran Petrosyan