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6 Chess Hacks To Improve Your Rating Quickly

So you want to get better at chess quick, eh?

You’re in luck. This article will give you 6 chess hacks that will increase your rating and help you beat your chess nemesis.

Chess Hack 1: The Woodpecker Method

chess hacks woodpecker method

“Chess is 99% tactics” – Richard Teichmann

Here’s how the woodpecker method will help you improve:

You will start to memorize tactical patterns. These patterns will help you to intuitively find tactical ideas in your own games.

The concept of the woodpecker method consists of solving a set of chess puzzles over and over again until you can solve them all in one day. This method utilizes spaced repetition, which is a scientifically proven method to memorize patterns.

The success of the woodpecker method is proven: Co-author Hans Tikkanen achieved three GM norms in seven weeks with this method.

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